Monsta-Pasta — Chaotic Lives

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Catalog#: su002
Artist: Monsta-Pasta
Title: Chaotic Lives
Genre, Style: Ambient, Experimental, IDM
Release Date: 16 November 2015
Country of Artist: Russia
Format: Mini Album, EP

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The second release of the label was more grim. Dive with meme in the atmosphere of Karelian cold and melancholy.

We are called Monsta-Pasta. Monsta-Pasta ( from the Greek. Monsta – VVonsta,Pasta – Pasta ? ) – The goddess, the patron of all crazy creators (especially She likes crazy musicians). She was born in the mind of one of his avatars on Earth. She can come to his adepts in the form of a beetle (the shape, the color of the beetle in mood). She has its own cult, the founder and the father is she herself.

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  1. Cobus Bester

    Wonderful music! A must buy for all experimental music fans.

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