DR — January Recordings

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Catalog#: su004
Artist: DR
Title: January Recordings
Genre, Style: Ambient, Drone, Field Recordings, Soundscape
Release Date: 26 February 2016
Country of Artist: Germany
Format: Album

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DR (Dominic Razlaff) is an Electronica & Ambient musician from Braunschweig, Germany. Uses Synthesizers, Field Recordings, Tape Loops & some digital Effects to create Melancholy, Deep, Ambient / Drone Soundscape.

2 отзыва на DR — January Recordings

  1. James Koster

    Лучший трек с музыкальной точки зрения — это Coffee & Cigarettes smoke
    Остальные подойдут для оформления какого-нибудь видео

  2. mark msinic7

    The first release of this label that I liked!

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